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Hi visitor! My name is Jakub and I have created this site as a cute resource for game information. It was mostly a pet project trying to reproduce some tools from past SIF/non-SIF sites, while still leaving a bit of my own touch like painting the entire page in orange as a hopeless Chika fan .

So here is a basic explanation about each section:

  • Cards: I loved the cards list/filterer for School Idol Tomodachi, it was very cute (the chibi icons for the characters are amongst the cutest search UIs I had used) so I wanted to do something similar for SIF2. In other past projects I did some advanced search UIs, but this time I was looking for something more straightforward.
  • Songs: Well I wanted to add information per song so I also used a UI similar to the cards one. We also wanted to be able to better understand the charts without having to move back and forth in a video, so I added a chart visualizer.
  • Characters: Since I had character information, I wanted to show it somewhere, and by adding a page per character I could show this information and a quick list of their cards. The characters list is a bit of a mess because I am including the subunits, so then I thought of something like "If a group is a part of another group, treat it as a subunit and show it separately" but this would mean that Aqours is a subunit of Saint Aqours Snow and this was so much of a philosophical question that I left it for the future.
  • Items: There are lots of items in the game so I wanted to add a quick list of them. We often did pages like this in PokΓ©mon sites. But come on Jakub, at least translate it and don't expect people to have auto-translate enabled .
  • Events and Gachas: There is so much info about events and gachas that I wanted to have an easy way of analyzing all that information at once.
  • Login bonuses: I admit I did this page because the backgrounds were very cute and I wanted to be able to see them.
  • Stickers, comics and backgrounds: Yeah just other things I did because they were too cute. For the stickers, both the transparent and non-transparent versions seemed useful to have, but only for the ones related to actual characters.
  • User ranks: This section seemed quick to make and useful to have since a friend was tiering for an event and I wanted to better understand the level progression.

Since I don't have that much time to work on this site that I would have liked to, I probably won't add more info sections soon (although I will probably make the existing pages a bit fancier). I will also keep updating the site with new updates, but take in mind that information about newer cards, events, etc. will only be shown after it is enabled within the game (e.g. events will not be shown after in-game updates, but after the event itself starts).

I also have a couple more ideas in mind related to SIF2:

  • Card detector in screenshots: You take an in-game screenshot, you upload it to this page and it will link you to all the cards you have. I originally did something like this for SIF back in 2017 or 2018 in order to add my cards to my Tomodachi account, if it could be linked to other tools it would be pretty useful (like the next one).
  • Auto-teambuilder: I was a fan of LLSIF AutoTeambuilder (I think this was the name) and used it in order to create optimal teams for event songs using my cards. It selected the cards, items and estimated the score you would get. I once even contributes with some fixes in order to use it for an event. Since in SIF2 we don't have items it should be a bit easier to do for this game, but it still seems hard to do. The first iteration of this would probably imply just including an "Optimal team" section in each song's page.